Polaroid Dreaming

I first became interested in photography when I was 16. I had planned to study photography at high school. But in a colossal stuff up by my high school, they gave me the same elective units as my twin sister (she was a music major). So I had to wait until uni, to learn how to use a dark room. I love black and white film photography. There were days when I was not without my AE-1 Canon. I used to spend hours in the dark room developing film and photographs.

Then came the digital revolution. While it was more afford, the chase for pixel quality made it hard to compete. Compete with the beautiful quality of film. The other sad reality is that in 2021, my phone has better quality (pixel wise) than my early digital SLR. So I now take pictures with my phone, and also started back with old school film. I do have dark room equipment and one day plan to set it up again. But I am dreaming of a day when I can have a large scale format polaroid. One off photographs!