Taiwan 2014 and 2019

If China is my mistress, I’d say Taiwan is my soul sister. Taiwan is like the lovechild of China and Japan. Not that I’ve been to Japan, but I’ve heard so much about it. I first visited Taiwan in 2014, with very little language skills. I loved it so much I came back in 2019 under a scholarship to study Mandarin. The things I miss most about living in Taiwan are 小籠包 (Xiao Long Bao) 牛肉麵 (beef noodle soup) and on a hot night 礤冰 (shaved ice). I don’t miss the smell of 臭豆腐 (stinky tofu). I used to live near a place I called stinky tofu lane. It turns out it’s the best description for westerners, because anyone who lived near Guting Station knew this lane based on the description. Bonus is it had the best little restaurant with amazing chicken curry. With very forgiving owners who put up with my awful language skills.

Taiwan 2014 (round 1)

Hualien to Taroko Gorge. I hired a scooter from across the road of Hualien train-station and road to Taroko Gorge. It was exhilarating riding a scooter in the mountains.

With a tip off from some locals I headed off to WaGaLiGong in Dulan. Amazing hospitality.

Taiwan 2019 (round 2) (Awaiting upload)