Curaçao & Colombia 2019 – 2020

I was blessed to sail aboard my friends’ yacht, the Moon Dragon of Arne, from Curaçao to Colombia. What a way to arrive in a country. First stop in Colombia was in a bay, which is home to the Wayu. It is also a fishing village, where our yacht was met by some locals selling just caught lobster. The next stop was a rarity, the dramatic Sierra Nevada ranges plunging into the ocean. We could also see the snow at the peaks from out on the sea. Colombia was party central, I will definitely be back there. I met José who I can best describe as my brother. He showed me how to make ceviché and party like the world was going to end the next day. We rung in 2020 at a beach club in La Boquilla, just outside of Cartagena. Blissfully unaware of what the new year would hold.


A couple of days languishing on the yacht, waiting for the right weather conditions. The boat across from us, was something out of

Sailing out of Curaçao. The commentary on the super yacht!

Wow that thing was huge, fishing boat and a helicopter.
Then we sailed to Colombia.


First stop after the desert country of Colombia in Cabo de La Vela. The place of First Nations people Wayuu, and mad tourists who come here to windsurf. (pictured above). We had a couple of Wayuu drive their boat up next to the yacht to sell us some crayfish/lobsters. Unfortunately we had so much food on board so we didn’t buy any.

Captain Trevor of Moon Dragon of Arne.

I’ve never arrived by boat into a major port before. It is most definitely my preferred method of entry into a country. Hand over your passport to the marina personnel, they do the rest of the work. We were then Free to have a much needed shower and then explore Santa Marta. After a couple of days we headed out to Minca. We stayed at Oscars Place, an oasis in the jungle.

Onward sail to Cartagena, with an over night stop in a little bay (I didn’t take any pictures in the bay).

It was then time for my friends, Captain Trevor and First Mate Linka, to fly back to Brussels. We prepared the boat for dry docking, and then parted ways. The next few weeks was a whirlwind of partying and relaxing.

A new years eve to remember. Watched the fireworks inside the old walled city in Cartagena. Walked back and then took a taxi with Jose back to Cocolaba Hostel, while yelling out the window at our fellow hostel mates. We then headed north. I somehow managed to get us all in for free at a beach side club in La Boquilla.

This club was like one big cat walk. And we partied till after sunrise! Hello 2020

Next up we have Jose!

I needed some down time so headed back out to the mountains, to Oscar’s Place.

One last round of partying in Cartagena before heading to Mexico with a quick stop off in Panama.